Amsterdam Guitar Ensemble



The Amsterdam Guitar Ensemble is a ‘unique’ ensemble in many different ways. They ‘not only’ perform exclusively new music (sometimes  composed for the occasion), but they have also proved - somehow- to be able to attract/ entertain a ‘professional’ audience.

[...although the ensemble itself exists of only non- professionals..]

Ever since composer/guitarteacher Harold Habers was asked in 2008 (like 25 of his colleagues) to compose a short new work for his students (for the anniversary of the Amsterdam Muziekpakhuis), this - for the occassion newly founded - ‘student-ensemble’ continued to exist.

Though their style may be hard to define, it seems to cover and unite many of the different styles and genres..; from the past ages till now.

From classical opera ( recently a mezzo and soprano have joined them) to  ‘contemporary’ music.


Amsterdam Guitar Ensemble

Founded in 2008 the Amsterdam Guitar Ensemble has made a remarkable progression.

Their newly composed music has brought them to places like the Muziekgebouw a/h IJ, the Amsterdam Bimhuis and the Royal Concertgebouw.